Sumner County Schools Virtual Academy

The registration window for the second nine weeks of Sumner Virtual Academy (K-8) will open on September 10, 2013 and close on September 17th at 3pm.

  • For families interested in new enrollment, please visit your child’s zoned school for registration paperwork.
  • For families currently enrolled in SVA, please complete the registration form provided by your child’s online teacher. Note: You must complete registration (or withdrawal) per child.

Enrollment changes will begin Monday, October 12th.

Requirements and Expectations when enrolling K-8 students in Sumner Virtual Academy:

  • Families must provide one computer PER CHILD enrolled in Sumner Virtual Academy.  Sumner County Schools will not provide devices to students enrolled in SVA.
  • It is the responsibility of the family to ensure the computer is compatible with Google Classroom prior to enrollment in Sumner Virtual Academy. 
  • Students are expected to be available for online learning for a total of seven hours from approximately 8am to 3pm (hours vary depending on the school of the teacher).
  • Students will be placed with a Sumner Virtual Academy teacher who may not be located at the child's zoned school. (All teachers use the same curriculum, collaborate on instruction, and work from the same pacing guides.)
  • An adult should be available at home to assist, teach, and provide feedback to the student throughout the day.
  • The family's choice to enroll in SVA or move back to the zoned school building will remain in place through the end of the first semester on December 18th.