Sumner County Schools Virtual Academy

Requirements and Expectations when enrolling 9-12 students in the Sumner Virtual Academy: Requirements and Expectations when enrolling 9-12 students in the Sumner Virtual Academy:

  • Families must provide one computer PER STUDENT enrolled in Sumner Virtual Academy. Sumner County Schools will not provide devices to students enrolled in SVA.
  • It is the responsibility of the family to ensure the computer is compatible with the computer learning program, Edgenuity , prior to enrollment in Sumner Virtual Academy.○ Additional software could be required in CTE classes such as Computer Applications.
  • Instruction will be provided through Edgenuity - an online learning platform.○ There is no direct instruction from a classroom teacher.
    • Tutoring will be available upon request by the student.
  • An adult in the home should monitor progress as the student works through the assigned Edgenuity courses.
  • The family's choice to enroll in SVA or move back to the zoned school building will remain in place through the end of the second semester on May 27th.
  • Open enrollment for the spring semester of 2021 will only be available between November 16-30,2020.
  • Failure to make adequate progress at designated checkpoints throughout the semester may result in the student being moved to credit recovery or moved back to the zoned school.
    • Credit Recovery Overview:
      • Student can earn a maximum grade of a 70 (D) for the course
      • Abbreviated course but credit is still earned
  • Final approval of acceptance into SVA during open enrollment will be granted by the zoned school. The student’s transcript as well as academic progress will be factored into the decision.○ In-person learning will be required if a student did not pass or was moved to credit recovery in more than one class for the Fall Semester of 2020.
  • Medical hardship requests should be referred to the Sumner County Attendance Department.