Sumner County Schools Virtual Academy

The registration window for the second nine weeks of Sumner Virtual Academy (K-8) will open on November 16th, 2020 at 8am and close on November 30th at 3pm.

  • For families interested in new enrollment, please visit your child’s zoned school for registration paperwork.
  • For families currently enrolled in SVA, please complete the registration form provided by your child’s online teacher. Note: You must complete registration (or withdrawal) per child.

Enrollment changes will begin Wednesday January 6th, 2021.

Requirements and Expectations when enrolling K-8 students in the Sumner Virtual Academy: Requirements and Expectations when enrolling K-8 students in the Sumner Virtual Academy:

  • Families must provide one computer PER CHILD enrolled in Sumner Virtual Academy. Sumner County Schools will not provide devices to students enrolled in SVA. Cell phones are not an acceptable device.
  • It is the responsibility of the family to ensure the computer is compatible with Google Classroom prior to enrollment in Sumner Virtual Academy.
  • Students are expected to be available for online learning for a total of seven hours from approximately 8amto 3pm (hours vary depending on the school of the teacher). The parent/guardian and student are subject to compulsory attendance requirements.
  • Students will be placed with a Sumner Virtual Academy teacher who may not be located at the child's zoned school . (All teachers use the same curriculum, collaborate on instruction, and work from the same pacing guides.)
  • An adult should be available at home to assist, teach, and provide feedback to the student throughout the day.
  • The family's choice to enroll in SVA or move back to the zoned school building will remain in place through the end of the third nine weeks.
  • Open enrollment is available for K-8 students from November 16th-30th for the third nine weeks .
  • Students receiving special education services will be assigned a teacher at their school of zone/service, subject to change based on enrollment.
  • Failure to meet the requirements of the Sumner Virtual Academy will result in a hearing by the academy’s review board for a possible return to the child’s school of zone.

The Sumner Virtual Academy (SVA) will serve as an alternative method of instructional delivery for students Kindergarten through Eighth grade, and students enrolled in this option will receive daily online instruction delivered by a classroom teacher. Assignments and assessments will be regularly assigned through the Google Classroom platform. The same expectation regarding high quality instruction following the district’s curriculum and pacing will take place at SVA. Kindergarten through eighth grade students will enroll in Sumner Virtual Academy and be committed for nine weeks at a time.

The Sumner Virtual Academy is also required to monitor student daily attendance in accordance with all applicable state laws, regulations, and local school board policies. Parents/guardians have the legal responsibility to be accountable for their student’s attendance under state law. Virtual Academy faculty will monitor violations of the state compulsory attendance laws and report truant students to the proper legal authorities.

Virtual Academy students are required to attend multiple sessions each day and are expected to adhere to all district attendance policies. Attendance is based on participation in online learning sessions and work completed. An instructional day consists of six and one-half (6.5) hours of learning. Failure to attend sessions each day and/or complete lessons assigned by the teacher may result in a student being recorded as absent for the instructional day.

Virtual school enrollees may participate in activities within their school of zone following the TSSAA guidelines.